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Meet Clifton Muckenfuss

Our Visionary Founder

At Building Raving Fans, we are led by Clifton Muckenfuss, a serial entrepreneur whose innovative vision and dedication to enhancing customer experiences have been the cornerstone of our success. With an impressive background in sales, marketing, customer experience and leadership, Clifton has spent his entire 17 year entrepreneurship career refining the art of customer relationships.

A Seasoned Leader with a Vision

Clifton is not only our founder but also a visionary who has profoundly

impacted the service industry through his entrepreneurial ventures.

Below are some of the milestones in Clifton's career:

Educational Foundation:

Clifton earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications, with a Minor in Advertising from Clemson University, equipping him with a robust theoretical and practical marketing foundation, which he brings to the strategic vision of Building Raving Fans.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

His journey over the last 17 years includes co-founding and growing multiple service-based companies. His ventures are noted for their emphasis on superior client experience and operational excellence.

Awards and Recognition:

His leadership has led his companies to national recognition and numerous awards for service excellence and outstanding client experience.

Industry Thought Leader:

Clifton's successful strategies and business insights have been featured in top publications like Inc. Magazine, Qualified Remodeler, and Remodeling Magazine.

A Commitment to

Traditional Values:

Clifton believes deeply in the power of genuine appreciation with a personal touch—particularly in the form of handwritten thank you cards. He made it a practice to send these cards to prospects after they scheduled meetings and when they signed contracts, grounding his business relationships in gratitude and personal attention.

Referral Programs and Customer Appreciation:

His focus on enhancing client experiences led to the creation of unique Referral and "Surprise & Delight" programs. These strategies not only increased client satisfaction but also boosted referrals and repeat business, growing his company to over 60% repeat and referral business and accumulating more than 100 5-star Google reviews in less than 2 years.

Founding Building Raving Fans

As Clifton prepared to sell his thriving home improvement business in 2021, he recognized a widespread need for structured, effective relationship marketing services.

This realization led him to create Building Raving Fans—a done-for-you relationship and referral marketing company designed to help other businesses achieve similar success through refined, proven relationship & referral marketing strategies to generate a steady flow of referrals, repeat business and coveted 5-star online reviews.

Our Mission

Under Clifton’s leadership, Building Raving Fans is committed to helping businesses transform their customer interactions into enduring relationships. We believe in making every client a raving fan by ensuring they feel valued, appreciated, and delighted by your services.

Clifton Muckenfuss and Building Raving Fans are at the forefront of transforming how businesses engage with their customers. Our mission is to equip you with the tools and strategies to create not just satisfied customers, but true advocates for your brand.

Join us and see what a difference genuine, heartfelt customer engagement can make to your business growth.

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