Why we exist?

At Building Raving Fans, our motto is "we do the work, you take the credit."

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around the emotional impact of your service—the unforgettable experience that compels your customers to share their experiences with their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers...and come back to your business time and time again; all because of the way you make them!

They don't just return; they become advocates for your brand, driven by the exceptional treatment they've received.

Here’s why we excel:

Passionate Referrals & Repeat Business: We believe that the most potent marketing force is the genuine enthusiasm of satisfied customers. Our strategies are designed to cultivate this enthusiasm systematically, transforming satisfied customers into passionate advocates.

The Power of Excitement: There’s a contagious energy in excitement that’s undeniable. When people are made to feel special, it’s natural for them to spread the joy. We harness this energy to not only please your customers but also to inspire them to share their positive experiences.

Surprise & Delight: Our innovative, automated gifting programs are tailored to create moments of unexpected joy for your clients. These gestures make your customers feel valued and unique, fostering a deep connection with your brand.

Autonomous Handwritten Cards: In an age of digital clutter, a personal touch stands out. Our autonomous handwritten cards convey thoughtfulness and care, making each recipient feel personally acknowledged and appreciated.

Creative Email Campaigns: Our email campaigns keep the conversation going. They’re not just reminders of your services but are crafted narratives that celebrate your relationship with each client, enhancing engagement and loyalty.

Top of Mind Awareness & Enhanced Employee Morale:

Staying top of mind is crucial in a competitive marketplace. Our done-for-you strategies ensure your brand remains at the forefront of your clients’ thoughts.

Simultaneously, our strategies improve employee morale by involving your team in a culture of appreciation and recognition, which in turn boosts overall service quality and internal satisfaction.

At Building Raving Fans, we transform your regular clients and team members into Raving Fans.

By implementing remarkable experiences that are both memorable and shareable, we help you cultivate a

community of loyalty and advocacy that drives your business forward.

Join us in our mission to create not just customers, but enthusiastic fans for life.

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Email: concierge@buildingravingfans.com

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